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Trying to find the time in our hectic life’s to workout is hard, but taking this time is unfortunately a necessity for your health and wellbeing ladies. Your body will thank you for it, I promise…and you will feel amazing about yourself. Your time is valuable so don’t waste one second on a bad workout, try adding in these tips to make it more beneficial and easier for you to reach your goals 😀

Don’t skip meals: Think of your body like a car, you need fuel to run it. Food is your fuel and your body needs it to create energy for a workout. Before you go for a run or hit the gym, reach for some slow digesting carbs like whole-grains or oatmeal and include some protein like eggs or turkey rashers so the carbs break down more slowly to give you enough energy to push yourself. Bananas are also great to protect against muscle cramps, give you energy and sustain your blood sugar.

Keep Motivated: If motivation is the problem the try changing your workout routine every two weeks. People enjoy variety and it also means you’re using a wider range of your muscles. Also add in as many of your favourite activities like swimming, walking, gardening or family cycles. These all are fun ways to exercise and to keep motivated.

Don’t be afraid of weights: Unfortunately a lot of women seem to think if I lift weights Ill become “butch”. This is not the case at all. Those women you see all muscular and toned have trained to be that way with really strict diets and workout schedules. If you add some weights into your workout you won’t become “sheman” you will only burn a lot more calories and sculpt and tone your body to look amazing…. or you could always continue to run and run on the treadmill until you get so thin we can’t see you any more 😛


Give yourself Range: If you try to loose precisely 10 pound in 3 weeks then you are giving yourself a bigger goal and putting more pressure on yourself. Try saying “If I lose BETWEEN 7 and 11 pounds in the next three weeks I’ll be happy” This gives you more of a chance in reaching your goal and feeling great. Keep a log of your achievements and also try keep on top of the inches you lose, this is where you will really notice the difference. Grab that measuring tape ladies.

Challenge Yourself: To see results you have to work hard to achieve it. Once you start to see your body shape out and your muscles define it will give you the motivation you need to keep going. Push yourself, make your workout that bit harder by maybe using a little more weight, rest about ten seconds less between sets, or do an extra set. Add small variations to your workout for quicker results. Change up your machines, run uphill, downhill even sidehill… I joke… obviously not sidehill but you get my drift, change it up however you can.

Drink Herbal Tea: Before your workout try to drink green tea or peppermint tea. The mint helps relax the muscles, boost oxygen to your muscles and brain and higher your pain threshold for a better workout. The poly phenol in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food to calories. It also helps to increase your metabolism. All in all it’s better to reach for the herbal tea than regular tea. Also I promise you get used to the taste and you will even begin to like it.

The key is to keep active and eat clean(most of the time) and the results will speak for themselves.

Peace and Love


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