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Hi all, thank you guys for taking the time to read this, I hope you make it to the end and I promise my future blogs won’t be as long 😉

So here I am with my very own website. It’s scary but exciting deciding to put all your inhibitions aside and just bite the bullet, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right??.. My name is Kym O’Neill and I am 27 living in Kildare, Ireland. From a young age I have loved fashion. After school, I went on to Study image and fashion styling with Limperts Academy and had my now 8 year old son Caleb. I became a playschool teacher while he was young but I knew it was not what I wanted forever. In December 2014 I felt it was time to start doing something I love… I left work and decided to pursue fashion. I got an interview in a fashion wholesalers who also had a fashion website, and by the end of that day I was told I had the job practically running their enterprise. To think that somebody else had that faith in me after a short interview, then why couldn’t I do this for myself?? What was stopping me?? So with help and advice from my friends and family and endless support, I’m here… finally, after what seemed like forever, I’m here. Hopefully you all like what I’ve done. I’ll stop waffling now and get to what you’ll find featured on Grushiestyle.com

The name” Grushie” came from the old Dublin saying which is basically what an adult shouts when they take all the coins from their pockets, throw them on the ground for all the children to dive on and keep. My idea, with hope, is to make all you guys happy by throwing GrushieStyle out there for all of you to dive on and more importantly everything is affordable. The site is full of random, cool and fun clothing and accessories for everybody to be unique and to be yourself… Wear what you want…. Create your own style, feel comfortable and confident.

I am just a one (wo)man band here and I am doing everything from home, so please bear with me if I make mistakes, I am still only learning 🙂

There is a “GrushieWallofStyle” for all to view, and I would really love you guys to send me in some pics of your unique styles and I will feature you on it. I will also be blogging explaining what knowledge I have on styling, like what shapes to wear for your size, what colours to wear for your completion etc and how to have confidence to be you, so keep an eye out.

I also have an email address for any queries you might have regarding your own style, no matter how big or small or silly I will always reply with my best advice to help you, so contact me on grushiestyle@hotmail.com or if you have any queries on the site itself, how to find something or any problems in general, I promise to do my best for everyone.

Well that’s it for now I really hope you all enjoy my site and reading my blogs, if you have anything you would like to say you can comment below. Thank you all so much…. Peace and Love KYM x

  1. lisa carey
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    Well done for following your heart & taking a leap of faith into the unknown. You will be fabulous! Don’t forget your lil kilbillie friends when you rise to the top! 😉 love love, Lisa xxx

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