Be who you want to Be!!!

stand out from the crowd

Learning you own style is part of growing up finding who we are. When I was younger I always wore what I wanted, and now I continue to do so. I never minded what anyone said or the funny comments like “who dressed you this morning” or “did your son colour in your clothes today” or the references to film characters like Oliver 😀 I just found it all funny. Individual style is great, to put your own take on things, put rips in your jeans, adding bits and bobs or cutting the sleeves off your t-shirts. Be under no illusion to be alternative you have to spend silly amounts of money on clothes, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re fed up with the same jacket or you feel you have worn something too much, just jazz it up with whatever you’re into. Diamonds, feathers, patches… Anything you want you can do with your imagination and nowadays YouTube has any “how to do” videos you want.

The main thing to take into account is that your clothes aren’t too small on you. Nobody can see the tag, nobody knows what size it is so there is no need to go smaller. Your proper size will make you look slimmer and a lot better in the end so no need to squeeze into anything and feel uncomfortable. If you decide to wear baggy pants try make your top a little tighter so you don’t lose your shape. If you look in the mirror and you feel great and think you look good then you do…. Leave the house with confidence and know that you are who you want to be.

Peace and Love

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